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Measuring guidelines for Made to Measure clothing.

The measurements below should be taken whilst wearing light clothing, using a dressmaker’s tape measure.

Please ensure the measurements are taken (by someone else) as accurately as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1339886062 or email if you have any questions relating to this measuring guide.

Length of sleeve:

Sleeve lengths vary greatly depending on personal preference but as a general rule items which will be worn underneath another garment (base layers and mid layers) should fall no longer than then 1st knuckle. Outerwear should be no longer than the 2nd knuckle. This extra length allows for bulkier items to be worn underneath but still keep them protected in the elements. We manufacture garments with two different types of sleeves, Raglan and Kimono. Please refer to the garment description on the website to determine which sleeve measurement you require.

Raglan sleeve: This is a sleeve, which extends to the neckline, with the seams from the armhole to the neck. Measure from underarm to required finished length.

Kimono sleeve: Cut with no seams in sleeve. Please refer to the garment details. With arm extended out to the side, measure from nape of neck to required finished length.

Length of body:

Standing straight, measure from nape of neck down to required finished length.

Chest: Measure around the torso, under the arms.
Waist: Measure all the way around the narrowest part above the hips.
Hips: Measure all the way round across the widest part.
Leg length: Standing straight, without shoes, measure from crotch to the floor.
Knee Position: Standing straight, without shoes, measure from the floor to the position of the knee.
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