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Directional Waterproof Jackets
Directional Waterproof Jackets Páramo Directional Waterproof Jackets have a style for most outdoor activities from smocks to full zip jackets, for walking, cycling, climbing and whale spotting.

Also see our Made To Measure section for Hilltrek Made To Measure Nikwax Analogy® Garments

Directional Waterproof Trousers
Directional Waterproof Trousers The ulitmate waterproof trousers designed to be worn next to the skin. Windproof, waterproof and very breathable.
Available in trousers and salopettes and different leg lengths.

If a standard size does not fit you or you want another colour see our 'Made To Measure' section for Hilltrek Made To Measure Nikwax Analogy® Lomond Trousers.

Insulation Nikwax Analogy® Insulator combines Nikwax® Windproof closely woven microfibre outer with Nikwax synthetic, water-resistant fill to cut windchill and provide excellent insulation for overlayering with other Nikwax fabrics.
The Insulator Range includes Toores Jacket, Torres Smock, Torres Trousers, Torres Core and Torres Sleeves

Windproof and Fleece
Windproof and Fleece Nikwax Windproof uses a closely woven microfibre fabric which cuts wind chill and protects your insulation but still allows the movement of moisture away from the body. It can be treated with Nikwax durable water-repellency to deflect the rain.
Grid Baselayers
Grid Baselayers The NEW Grid Baselayers use newly available Parameta® G, a Directional polyester fabric that wicks very effectively, spreading perspiration over a large area and drying out rapidly to provide comfort to the wearer. Grids can be worn in hot weather wicking and evaporating perspiration very effectively or as a baselayer under a Directional Waterproof providing good wicking and insulation.

Trek and Travel
Trek and Travel Páramo Trek and Travel Range is ideal for hot weather summer walking in the UK and for trekking and travel in hot climates -in fact from Cairngorm to Kilimanjaro.
Using unique Parameta A Fabric perspiration is drawn out to keep you cool.
The designs are well thought out to keep you cool, keep the insects out and safely secure valuables.

Base layers
Base layers Award winning base layers designed to keep you cool during active sports and in hot climates.. Reversible Párameta T fabric spreads moisture to speed up evaporation and cooling. Soft, lightweight, stretchy and rapid drying, they are ideal for travel and as an extra baselayer for hillwalking, mountain biking or running.
Now availbale in new Parameta T+

Accessories Products include:

- Gaiters
- Short Gaiters
- Caps
- Balaclavas
- Stretch Hats
- Towels
Nikwax care Products
Nikwax care Products Nikwax manufactures high quality cleaning and waterproofing products. Nikwax prolongs the life and enhances the performance of clothing, footwear & equipment. Whether you work or spend your leisure time outside, Nikwax keeps you dry.
Online Catalogue > Páramo Directional Clothing