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New Velez jacketNew Velez jacket
The Velez Jacket is for very active people who swap between outdoor activities.
If you enjoy mountain walking, cycling, climbing and backpacking, you need a versatile jacket suitable for all these activities. You also need to be able to keep cool when you are working hard, which is where clever ventilation comes in.
The Velez’s versatile design combines with the Nikwax Analogy fabric for optimum comfort, providing waterproof protection, warmth, and cooling in one garment.
The Velez combines discreet but very effective ventilation, with an athletic shape to minimise wind-resistance.
Optimum cooling when working hard provided by vents, combined with pocketing, carefully positioned for ease of use.
Enhanced weather protection when carrying a rucksack provided by mesh reinforcement in the back panel.
Athletic cut to minimise wind resistance and noise More information

Price: £285.00 (Including VAT at 20%)